Music is the universe, the universe is music.

Music videos: virtual choir & solo stuff

Green wall, white shirt.
Can you spot me floating (singing Lead)?

“Into the Unknown” (Frozen II) was transformative to belt from the quiet of my home, especially posting up on a belty C (above middle) for what felt like a year. The most fun.

I did an at-home audition for NBC’s “The Voice” the day before I recorded the package of files for this once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity virtual choir, directed by Pitch Perfect music director, acapella bigwig, SingOff producer, getting acapella music out there, Deke Sharon for

Barbershop Harmony University 2020!
Music is the universe, the universe is music.

Thanks for being here

I’m Brandy Rose and this is a place where I spread out my music.

I’m 31, I’m a millennial, and I live a peaceful existnave.
I serve as a vocalist.

My favorite thing in the seeable cosmos is water, my favorite invisible thing is sound waves.

I’ve lived @ this website since i was 18, hoping to be a star. Been training and singing seriously since the last century. Now I contemplate what success means to me, in how I relate my environment and what grows in importance.

I’m currently working on my entry as a soprano in Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir. 🌹

Thank you for being here. It means a great deal to me.